Hello, Sweet Friends!

   a little about us...

My name is Jennifer Beck, a wedding and portrait photographer located on the banks of the Lowcountry, proudly serving the areas of Hilton Head, Bluffton, Savannah, Beaufort, Charleston, Tybee Island, St. Simons, Jekyll Island, and beyond but one who is up to travel anywhere to do this crazy thing I call a job.  

I am married to my high school sweetheart, Jeramie, who also happens to be my second shooter on wedding days, and together we share our lives with our massive golden retrievers, Chance + Boone. 

Most days you can find me in nike workout shorts with my favorite ball cap on eager to stick my toes in the sand after a long days work. I'll probably be doing all of the above with a diet coke in hand and a pup at my side. I am a runner, movie lover, and a gal with a huge sweet tooth. The most magical place on earth also happens to be our home away from home so you can find us roaming the streets of Disney World multiple times a year-- we apologize in advance for all the Disney love you will see around these parts!

My love for simplicity, quality over quantity, and real authentic moments can easily be seen in the way I approach photographing the things around me and the relationship between you and the love of your life. I am a sucker for in-between moments, details, and documenting your big day as it unfolds naturally so that when you look back on your images, you are easily transported back into those feelings, emotions, and memories that will you cherish for a lifetime. 




MEET CHANCE & boone 

Probably the most famous (and most photogenic) member of our family is Chance, our 75 lb, 4 year old golden retriever! We adopted him from a breeder 6 months after we got married and is pretty much considered our first born. Yes, we are those people! 

This little love nugget is the friendliest soul you will ever meet, loves to "hug" people by walking through their legs like a cat, will snuggle endlessly with you on the couch by getting as close to you as possible, will never say no to eating whatever is on your plate, and sheds like a mad man.

What most people don't know is that I learned photography by practicing on this guy daily so he runs the show around here and makes for one hell of an office assistant--most days!

And then there is Boone, our beloved second golden pup (currently 1 year old) who honestly gives us a run for our money every day mainly because he is the complete opposite of Chance, even though they are from the same breeder.

Boone is noisy, is the BIGGEST cuddle puss, always has to have something in his mouth (my shoes, a leaf, a bone), is my red headed lass, and will probably out size Chance by A LOT!

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Fun facts & Tidbits:

a little something you might not know...


  • Morning time is the best time in my opinion
  • I would eat Chick-fila breakfast everyday if I could   
  • Fall is easily my favorite season because Halloween is king
  • Jeramie loves to spend his free time at the gun range
  • Sailing around the world on our own sailboat is on our bucket list
  • So is owning a wedding venue and breeding goldens    
  • If the tv is on, it's probably showing a movie I have seen at least twice or is starring Leo Dicaprio                                                                    
  • Jeramie lives for outdoor adventures like camping or kayaking
  • Beer > Wine 
  • Jeramie has a hat collection that will easily span a whole wall one day
  • Minimalism is something we strive for around here despite the note above
  • We believe that a trip to the beach is the best way to cure a bad day
  • Jeramie has never been on a plane before so who wants to help fix that!?

Let's be friends:


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