Savannah, GA Photographer- Forsyth Park | Engagement Session

Tis the season y'all! Engagement season that is and I am loving it! My last couple of weeks have been filled with new inquiries and with new inquires comes scheduling engagement sessions. E-sessions are truly some of my favorite portraits that I do because they give me a chance to connect with my bride/groom to-be and really understand their wants/needs when it comes to their wedding day. Plus, engagement sessions are complimentary with any of my packages so it is a win/win for everybody!

Which leads us to Kate + Alex! I have known Kate since college and was secretly hoping that when she got engaged that she would inquiry with me about her wedding day needs. So safe to say, I was thrilled when she did! I was also thrilled to find out that Kate and Alex were planning on tying the knot in Savannah, GA (kate's home town) in the most Savannah-y wedding you could imagine. I am talking big catholic church downtown, trollies, and country club reception! All with spanish moss and rich historic buildings in between. 

So naturally, it only made sense to do their E-session in downtown Savannah as well in a little place called Forsyth Park. We had the most perfect weather that day and the sunlight all day was just stunning! Plus, I am always a fan for engagement sessions that include puppies. With perfect weather and gorgeous sunlight all day, these portraits turned out to be some of my favorite to-date and makes me that much more excited for their Fall wedding next year!