Savannah, GA Photographer-Forsyth Park | Sweetheart Session

Two posts in one week!? I really couldn't even tell you the last time I made it to this little space more than once during the week, but tis the season am I right!??

Today, I am so excited to introduce y'all to Emily + Brad! One of the sweetest couples of all time who also happens to be my last portrait session of 2015! I still cannot believe I even get to say that because I swear it is still August and I have no clue how the holiday season is upon us. I plan on doing a recap of 2015 and a goal setting post for 2016 coming in the next few weeks, but let's stay focused!

I met up with Emily + Brad a week or so after Thanksgiving in downtown Savannah after Emily, who is also a photographer, had contacted me through one of the photography communities that we are both a part of stating that she was looking to get some updated photos of her and Brad since the last time they had photos taken of themselves was their wedding day 3 years ago. Raise your hand if you are a photographer and can relate to that haha 

So we met up for an hour one day during their mini/business trip and mainly hung out around the Forsyth Park area but also decided to venture out onto the streets and sidewalks to get some of those rich, colorful buildings that Savannah as to offer and it was so fun exploring and getting to discover little corners of downtown that you can easily miss if you are just passing by in a hurry. 

I had a blast getting to know Emily + Brad and all about their wonderful life in Kanas, so Emily if I ever find myself in Kanas, I am coming for yah! And if you are ever in the Kanas, make sure to check her out because girl is seriously talented!

Enjoy some of my favorites from their session!