Hilton Head, SC Photographer | Celia Headshots

AHHHH the off season! One thing that I am not taking for granted during this little break in-between wedding seasons is the chance to work on some projects that just tend to get put on the back burner when you happen to have weddings almost every weekend during the year and taking the time to focus on the concept of just shooting for fun! Its a wild concept I know but it is something easily forgotten when you work on project after project and are left with little time to just pickup the camera and let whatever happen, happen!

Enter in Celia! We meant online through Instagram of all places and got to chatting only to find out that we were both photographers who happened to be new to Hilton Head and thought how fun would it be to take some time, pick up our cameras, and just go take some head shots of each other for fun! 

Celia, being the islander that she is, recommended that we try out Islander Beach on Hilton Head Island that is tucked in-between some of the more popular hotels on the North end of things. Come to find out that if you just take the time to walk 10-15 minutes down the beach, you end up at a nice little place covered with huge rocks and that takes the coast line way far out when the tide is low. 

We spent an hour or so out there just chatting about life and trying to figure out the best ways to capture the winter sun that can be so pesky at times but regardless it was fun to hear all about Celia and her move to HHI (she also eloped here), her love for fitness, dreams for the business, and how fun it is to actually meet someone on the island of a similar age (hello the average age on the island has got to be 50) and who happens to share a similar passion/job! Cannot wait for many more coffee/photo taking dates with this one and hoping that this half-marathon running gal and whip me back into shape hahah

*make sure to check out Celia over on her website! She is truly talented and it doesnt hurt that she is beyond fun to work with!*