10 Thing You Didn't Know About Jenn

Who else is still in disbelief that it is January!? I genuinely have no idea where half of 2015 went but I am ready to see what 2016 has up her sleeve! With so many new faces around here, new adventures on the horizon, and new beginnings in the making, I thought it would be a fun idea to do a little post to give y'all a little bit of a closer look at the girl behind the blog/camera.  Of course y'all already know that I am an East Coast Wedding + Portrait Photographer who serves the great states of Georgia, South Carolina, and beyond! You may also know that I am married to my best friend, practically obsessed with my dog, and that the ocean is somewhere that I know get to call home. But here are some things that you may not know about me.....

1. I have a thing for movies! Curling up on the couch and turning on a good movie is one of my favorite ways to spend my down time. I am a lover of all film types and I am known to watch movies over and over again ( a little to often if you ask some people haha). Don't even try asking me for a favorites list because that task is just too big for this movie loving girl to handle!

2. Spinning off my love for movies, I also have a thing for movie quotes. If I have seen a movie more than twice, chances are I can quote that bad boy pretty well and will basically word vomit it out in any normal conversation that we may have. I also know pretty much every word to every Disney song ever made, which makes me the perfect partner for Disney Trivia!

3. I am a neat freak plain and simple. Clutter bothers the crap out of me and I am always fighting the urge to put stuff away if it is out of place. So you can imagine what life must be like with me living with a dog that sheds 10x more than I do. Surprisingly I have gotten a lot better with letting things be "messy' for a least a little while. Baby steps people. 

4. My favorite colors are gray and white and my husband, Jeramie, hates it haha My closet is mostly made up of these two colors as are a lot of things that you will find in our apartment if you ever make it over for a visit. If I could have a house filled with gray, white, and neutrally colored everything, I would!

5. I hate heels and can barely walk in them. I don't know if its more of feeling awkward in them rather than not being able to walk in them, but in any case I generally despise having to put them on for any length of time. I am much more comfortable in my barefeet, sandals, wedges, or boots/booties with little wedge like heels 

6. I love to sing and make up songs about whatever it is that I am doing; but don't get this confused and believe that I can sing, because as anybody will tell you, I can't haha

7. As mentioned time and time again, I truly have a passion for animals, especially when it comes to dogs, so naturally one of my dreams to accomplish in the next 10 years is to buy a big ole plot of land down here in the lowcountry and become a golden retriever breeder. Yeah my heart is already melting at the possibilities 

8. Every since I can remember, I have always been on some sort of sports team with soccer being my primary sport from the age of 7 and on. I even had the chance to go and play at some smaller colleges here in the south but the allure of not having my life ruled by practices, games, and an overall schedule for the first time in forever won out. 

9. Blankets are something that will never be in shortage in our house. Being cold natured really makes for the perfect chance to have a solid blanket collection. 

10. I am currently listening to the song 'Defying Gravity.'  It pretty much as been on repeat for the last 20 minutes while I have been typing this post and I can't say that I am going to change it anytime soon!

I hope that you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it! I know that 2016 is off to great start and I still cannot believe that I am jumping into this year head first with finally being able to call myself a full-time photographer! Cannot wait to see where this year is going to go :)