What's In My Bag | Lens Edition

I know that when I first got into photography, reading every kind of educational and "how to" blog post from some of my favorite inspirational photographers was really how I learned what gear was really worth investing in and what I could skimp away with not buying and saving myself the headache of throwing thousands of dollars down the drain by buying something that I wouldn't need or use in the long run. Enter this blog post (and hopefully a lot more down the road) that will help all my new beginner photographer friends out there that may have some questions in this department!

So first things first, I am a wedding and portrait photographer so the three lenses that I am about to share with you are what I use for every single wedding, engagement, and portrait session. Let me also preface this post by saying that I am a Canon girl and only have experience with their cameras and lenses so sorry to all my Nikon or other brand users out there because I have zero knowledge to what is the equivalent to these lenses that I am about to share, but I know that there are a ton of other posts out there that can help yah out!

Okay, enough talk, let's get to the lenses!

First up, I have my baby, my workhorse, my number one go-to on any wedding day or portrait session--The Canon 50mm F/1.2L ! If you are going to get any lens, like ever, it has to be this one! I recently just upgraded to this lens from the Canon 50mm F/1.4 and I just have to say...WOW. Now the 1.2 is a little bit more expensive than the 1.4 so if you dont have that kind of change saved up, the 1.4 is only a couple hundred dollars and will be "the thing" to take your pictures to the next level instantly. This lens is super sharp, is a great focal length for any portrait that you are looking to capture (bride/groom, families, seniors, etc), and is the lens that is on my camera 90% of the time. 


Next up, the Canon 100mm F/2.8L ! This is considered a macro lens and is what I use for all my ring shots, detailed shots, and some portraits. It is amazing how close this lens is able to get to its subject and capture all those small details that you wouldnt be able to pick up with another lens. A definite must-have if you are a wedding photographer. 


Lastly, the only telephoto lens in my bag--meaning that the lens can zoom in and out and change focal lengths--is my Canon 70-200mm F/4 . I would consider this my least used lens only because I mainly use it for ceremonies at weddings--since I am usually far away from my subjects, maybe some portraits, and for secret proposals. 


And there you have it! My main 3 lenses that I use with the hopes of adding a Canon 35mm to my bag later this year so that I can better capture wider shots when I am in tight spaces like a bridal suite or reception rooms. 

So hope that you enjoyed this little educational post and I hope to have more for you guys in the future when it comes to what camera bodies to buy, what wedding details I bring with me to weddings to help make those details pop, and why second shooting may be the best way for you to learn the industry/trade!